Below are some upcoming courses, presentations, and workshops on various topics related to pain, exercise, surgery, rehabilitation, and more!

Upcoming Events

Floor Time Fundamentals Course

New cohort forming NOW!
Have you ever wished you could more easily and safely get down to the floor to play with your grandkids and then get back up again? Do you want to feel more confident in your ability to get back up if you should fall? This 5-session Zoom course is designed for you! Completion of this course permits you to join the Ongoing Floor Time class. Click here to see the full course syllabus.

Back Pain: Is It Serious?

Coming soon!
Back pain is a very common but widely misunderstood phenomenon. This 60-minute presentation and discussion will provide information and context to help you know what to expect and when to seek profession care for your back pain.

Beyond Pain or No-Pain: Differentiating Sensations

Coming soon!
For whatever reason (usually due to simply never having been exposed to the concept), there are many people who do not distinguish various sensations in the body well and are stuck in a binary perceptual scheme of “pain or no-pain.” This 30-minute workshop will help you learn to distinguish and interpret the sensations of stretch, muscle effort, relaxation, pain, and possibly even… euphoria (no promises).

Staying Able: A Quickstart Guide

Coming soon!
Optimize your ability to participate in the things that matter to you! This 90-minute Zoom workshop will covers common misconceptions about pain and exercise, creating the right mindset, understanding the four factors of ability, and creating a specific plan to track and achieve your goals.

It Hurts So Good: Why Not All Pain Should Be Avoided

Coming soon!
Pain is unpleasant by definition, but contrary to popular belief, not all pain is a sign of something bad happening. This 60-minute presentation and discussion gives guidance on understanding and interpreting pain to determine whether it’s a “good pain” or “bad pain.”

What’s Your Favorite Yoga Flavor?

Coming soon!
Yoga is like fruit: there are many varieties out there, some of which you may enjoy and benefit from, others you may find repulsive. But, you shouldn’t say you don’t like fruit just because you don’t like oranges. This 30-minute presentation will explain the basics of Yoga and help you select which variety or varieties may suit you best.

Joint Replacement: Go or No-Go?

Coming soon!
Joint Replacement is a big decision that can change your life in powerful ways for the better, but it also has some risks that must be understood before you enter into the experience. This 60-minute Zoom presentation will help you understand important factors that should go into your decision and what to expect should you decide joint replacement surgery is in your future.

EVENT Testimonials

The Floor Time Fundamentals Course was engaging, interesting and useful.  For example, I learned to “roll around” with my body in a ball-like frame, developing my strength, mobility, and coordination. In addition, if I can make the position habitual, and use it during a fall, I may minimize potential injury. Many other examples of meaningful and engaging experiences with the floor were created by Jonathan. Now, I’m looking forward to the Ongoing Floor Time class! 

— Judi Z

Because I was unable to get myself up after a recent fall, I needed to re-learn how to get down to the floor and up again. The Floor Time Fundamentals Course was perfect! In quite a short time Jonathan demonstrated and coached us in a variety of ways to get down to the floor and back up again. Because of his experienced and effective teaching I gained the confidence and ability to manage my body.

— Mary S

The Zoom Floor Time Fundamentals Course with Jonathan was very helpful in developing safe and intentional ways to move from the floor to standing. Additionally, we learned movements that help minimize the effects of a fall. I appreciate the step-by-step approach and Jonathan’s demonstration of movements. Classes are well-planned with session agendas provided in advance. Our practices flow from one session to the next in a way that makes sense. I am gaining some extra strength as well as very useful knowledge. Jonathan is an excellent teacher and my experience is so positive that I chose to continue Floor Time after the initial 5 weeks.

— Lyn T