Who is YOUR physical therapist?

Dr. Jonathan Knipping, PT, DPT blends modern clinical science and hands-on treatment with mindful exercise and creative problem-solving. His goal as your personal physical therapist is to know your body head-to-toe and to help you learn how to live with less pain and improve your ability to do the things that are important to you.

Hurting? Worried? Confused?

Pain can be complicated, frightening and frustrating. There can be many possible causes for your pain and multiple options for addressing each possible cause. Hoping it will go away on its own or trying to diagnose and treat yourself has a slim chance of working and you could even make yourself worse. If you like the idea of collaborating with an expert to solve your pain problems, you’re in the right place!

Expert Care When and Where You Need It

Whether it’s an office visit, house call, televideo session, phone call, email, or secure message, there are many ways to get the care you need.

Get Back to Living

Don’t let pain and physical limitations stop you from doing what matters to you! You deserve an expert to help you solve specific problems without losing sight of the big picture.

The Care You Deserve

If you’ve ever been to a cookie-cutter, assembly line physical therapy clinic that asked you to wait WEEKS for an appointment, bounced you from one therapist to another, or handed you off to an under-qualified aide, and wished for something better, here it is! Your personal physical therapist is ready to meet you. Please reach out today.

What makes Jonathan different from other physical therapists?

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