Do you take my insurance?

I accept Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield private insurance plans. Insurance rules or standards often dictate the amount and type of care and services that can be provided in the health care field, therefore I prefer the self-pay model. Please contact me to ask about your specific insurance plan. Upon request, clients can receive invoices that can be submitted to their insurance company for reimbursement. I am considered an out-of-network provider, and most clients receive 50-80% reimbursement after their out-of-network deductible has been met.

Do I need a prescription or referral from my doctor to see you?

Since 2018, physical therapists in Illinois are allowed by law to evaluate and begin treating patients without prescription from a physician or other medical professional. For Medicare patients seeking treatment for an injury or illness, a referral from a physician, chiropractor, or dentist is required. For self-pay clients who are recovering from illness or injury, their physician must be notified after physical therapy evaluation and care are initiated. For clients who are seeking care for general, non-injury related fitness and wellness services, physician notification is not required by law.

What are your fees?

My fee structure is as follows:

Initial Evaluation$240
30-minute in-person follow-up session$90
45-minute in-person follow-up session$135
60-minute in-person follow-up session$180
House Call (within 25 miles of Niles, IL)$50 additional
Televideo Session$2 per minute

Do I need equipment or access to a gym to see you?

No. Equipment and gym access can be helpful but are not required. Sometimes I will recommend equipment or products that might be helpful, but ultimately these decisions are up to the client. We will work together to find solutions that work for you to address your issues and problems.